Crunk Style Bangaz Vol. 3 (Mixtape) yeeeeaah HOT!!!!!!

Crunk Style Bangaz Vol.3 The Hottest Crunk Shit Mixtape You Have Ever Heard!


01. Intro (Crunk Style Bangaz VOLUME 3)
02. Lil Jon feat. LMFAO – Shots (Official Lil’ Prince Remix)
03. Young Valinchi – Crank It (Official Valentino Moroder Remix)
04. Lil Jon feat. LMFAO – Outta Your Mind (Drakes Remix) HOT REMIX !
05. Young Valinchi feat. Mike Rush – Was Geht Ab (Produced by Valentino Moroder)
06. T-Will feat. Shorty Da Kidd & Laudie – Moolah
07. Suave Smooth – Boom Boom Room (Produced by Sound Smoke)
08. Korleon feat. Bohagon – Ray Charles (Produced by Mista Xclusive)
09. Layce feat. Benisour – They Like Dis
10. G Playaz – Ghetto Mosh Pit
11. Sean P (of YoungBloodZ) feat. REEC – Better Know That
12. MD 2020 feat. J Swagg & Ezay – It’s In Me
13. Audio Push – Swang (Produced by Hit Boy)
14. Paper Сhasers – You Stupid
15. Mr Alabama – Crunk ShiT
16. Giovanni & Get Money Squad feat. Mr. Flick – Big She Poppin (Full + NoShout)
17. Young Valinchi – Ima Die For It (prod. by Valentino Moroder)
18. Ying Yang Twins (D-Roc) – She A Twurk Sum (Final Version)
19. Ray Nitti – Bow!
20. Triple’s C feat. Sean P (of YoungBloodZ) – I Be Out Here (Prod by CP Hollywood)
21. Too Crunk – Watch Yo Step
22. Camp Boyz – Ima G
23. Big Tone – Hard On Em’
24. Young Valinchi – Da Nikeman (Produced by Valentino Moroder)
25. Almane LO – Here Kitty Kitty (Produced by Teen of Crunk)
26. Superstarr – Mz. Aquafina (Full)
27. Malachi feat. Lil One (a.k.a. Jevonte) – Thang Thang (Prod by Mr. Collipark) (Remix)
28. Yung Haze feat. LV – Blocc Burnaz
29. Unknown – Bitch I Go Hard
30. Yo Gotti ft All Star, Zedzilla, J Futuristic – ill Ride, ill Die (Prod by Drumma Drumma)
31. Outro (Crunk Style Bangaz VOLUME 3) (Double5 Production)

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25 Responses to “Crunk Style Bangaz Vol. 3 (Mixtape) yeeeeaah HOT!!!!!!”

  1. Аееее!!!


  3. Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!CRUUUUUUUUUUUUNNKKK!!!Ахуенно!!!3ий сборник это вообще заебись!!!!!

  4. Неужели!!!! Второй был самым БОМБЯЩИМ!!!!

  5. Неужели!!!! Второй был самым БОМБЯЩИМ!!!!

  6. Inro Rohffa ЖЕСТЬ!!!! УДИВИЛИ!!!!

  7. Yeeeeeeaaaah

  8. Malenikaia zametka + alibom harowii

    Suave Smooth – Boom Boom Room (Produced by Sound Smoke)

    Eto ne production ot “Sound Smoke” i neznaiu esli takoi sushestvuet. V na4ale tracka slishno Southern Smoke – et zna4it track vzeat s mixtape-a DJ Smallz.

  9. Eto track 2007 goda s mixtape’a “Suave Smooth & DJ Smallz – Florida N-gga” :)

    Охуительный сборник намутил бро, треки все просто охуенные)

  11. крутой сборничек)) спс))

  12. крутой сборничек)) спс))

  13. кульный сборник

  14. DJONik!! luv ya, ma man!! dis shit iz tight!! gone crazy,yuuup=))

  15. 07. Suave Smooth – Boom Boom Room (Produced by Sound Smoke)

    16. Giovanni & Get Money Squad feat. Mr. Flick – Big She Poppin
    (Full + NoShout)

    21. Too Crunk – Watch Yo Step

    23. Big Tone – Hard On Em’

    am bagat la colectia me :)

  16. сборник что надо!!!!!!!!!Таких вещей да и по больше…..
    это делает жизнь ярче и качает мою тачку…..

  17. Crunk – i’ts a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. 5 ЗА КАЧ!!! Сборник что надо)))

  20. Большое спасибо за сборники!!!!!!!!!! ну ооооооочень нравится!!!!!!

  21. Я скачал эту качуху в другом сайте ну воще Бомба нада все LOL СКАЧАТЬ

  22. […] Release Date: 8 January 2010 Genre: Crunk / Dirty South Rap Format/Quality: mp3/128-320 kbps Tracks: 31 Times: 02:02:09 Size: 188 Mb Official Site:  CRUNKSHIT.wordpress.COM […]

  23. lol ”OuttaYourMind (CRUNK SHIT) Remix’…

    Dude seriously… you could at least let my name on this sh*t cause it’s a DRAKES remix.

    add me for more.

  24. wollaaaaaaaaa nice for krumping !

  25. Подскажите про 29 трек? Кто это?

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