Crunk Style Bangaz Vol. 5 [MIXTAPE] HOOT!!!

Crunk Style Bangaz Vol.5 The Hottest Crunk Shit Mixtape You Have Ever Heard!


01. Intro – Jenny Boom Boom (Prod. by Tha Unit)
02. Lil’ Jon – Take Ya Clothes Off (Crunk Remix) (Prod. by Tha Unit)
03. Tone Tone – I’m On Ten
04. Yella Fella – Peep Tha Swag
05. MG – The Big Bad Wolf
06. Wine O – Fight (Crunk Remix) (Prod. by Lil’ Prince)
07. T-Gutta Feat. C.Hen & King James – She Dat Bitch (NO DJ)
08. Ray Vicks – Everybody Watchin
09. UnladyLike Feat. Murphy Lee – Studda Step (World Premiere!)
10. B-Don Feat. 2 Scoop & B.Hardy – Fuck U Bitch (NO DJ)
11. Uzi Boo – Bring It Back For Me (Produced by KC Blaze)
12. J Dubbie – My Niggaz
13. Lil’ Swisher – Haters & Fakes (Re-Prod. by Lil’ Prince)
14. Extream Feat. G-Life – SouthSide Monster (Prod. by Daredevil) (NO DJ)
15. Da PaperBoyz – Going (Produced by L.P. Shwayze)
16. Calliope Var Feat. Mr. Marcelo & Lil Cali – I’m On It (Remix) (NO DJ)
17. Crunk Style Bangaz Vol.5 – Crunked Up
18. Cyco Feat. Lil 3 – Shut Da Block Down
19. Low Key (NC) – Everyday
20. Bravo – Im a Ride
21. Durty Bo Bean – Ye Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’ (Produced by Jiggolo)
22. WeSooCool (WSC) Feat. Tar Boy (of TrackBoy’Z) – I Know
23. Guap – Kaboose
24. Crunk Style Bangaz Vol.5 – Boom (Lam Rock Production)
25. Young Fresh – Go Head
26. AK The Razorman – Like Uhh
27. Exklusiv – Trapp Starz
28. Foy Boy Feat. Foxx – Break U Off Proper (Remix) (NO DJ)
29. DirtyWhite Feat. Diggy & Weegy – Whoa (Prod. by OverThowed)
30. Glamour Girl – I Know (NO DJ)
31. Joka Feat. QD – Im Stupid (Produced by T-Rex)
32. Pop N Bulletz – Fell In Love With My Swag
33. Kiraz (Delicate Soldiers) – Outro (Prod. PIMP Smoke)

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20 Responses to “Crunk Style Bangaz Vol. 5 [MIXTAPE] HOOT!!!”

  1. Thanks! REAL SOUTH SHIT!!!

  2. молодца, отличный сборник!

  3. maaan this was the Dopest mictape ever :D
    the tracklist is betther then all before ! =)
    keep on goin’ bro

  4. Thanks for No Dj Version!
    Real Shit!

  5. ода))) качёёво!!!

  6. HOLY SH!T some dayz earlier you told us it would be coming out soon but daaaamn i never thought it would be going this fast!
    BRO you gotta keep it UP!! my heart beats for this crunk shit!

  7. Realy Shittttttt!!!!!

  8. fucking real shit this crunk album hott hott

  9. ET BA VOILA LA TU ASSURE!!!J’avoue tes sons ils font mal a la tête good game!!!thx

  10. Спасибо за сборник Smack That SHIT

  11. Yeeeeeee!!! Cooool!!! Real real shit!!!

  12. Спасибо болшое за зборник СУПЕР!!!!!!


  14. С П А И Б О ! ! ! МЭН

  15. Young Fresh – Go Head-GOOD
    17. Crunk Style Bangaz Vol.5 – Crunked Up-fuking beat!!

  16. 16.Calliope Var Feat. Mr. Marcelo & Lil Cali – I’m On It (Remix) FUCKING BEAT BEAT HOOOOOOT TRACK HOT SHITT

  17. lil djonik давай кодеиновую screweed and chopped компиляцию!

  18. Lil’ Swisher – Haters & Fakes is real fucking CrUnK SHITT track mofucka hoooooot BoooooooM

  19. продолжение опаздывает( …
    когда новый релиз?

  20. Track 15 Keezy- Go Hard, Fa Sho Goes Hard one of the best songs on this mixtape

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