Pastor Troy – King Of All Kings [ALBUM]

This Is A New Studio Album ”King Of All Kings” From Pastor Troy

Track List:

1. Intro: Sold My Soul
2. King Of All Kings
3. Gangsta Revival
4. Ghetto My Lobby
5. Lyin’ Bout Her Crib Intro
6. Lyin’ Bout Her Crib 2
7. Real
8. Backroads (Feat. Raheem Devaughn)
9. She Say She Never Knew (Feat. K-Rab)
10. Georgia Peach (Feat. J Holiday)
11. She Message Me
12. No Trace
13. We Gon’ Stunt (Feat. Mr. Mudd & J. Money)
14. Rep Yo Side (Feat. Lil Jon & Bone Crusher)
15. Niggaz Is Hungry
16. We Been Doin This!!!
17. Shoutout Gangsta
18. Somebody Thank Me

~ by Admin on 04/08/2010.

3 Responses to “Pastor Troy – King Of All Kings [ALBUM]”

  1. Наконец-то он вышел)))

  2. aaaeeee….

  3. yeahh im on it !! thxxx

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